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Complete Kit increases HP & Torque for ’00-’04 Boxster’s flat-6 engine.

The technoPower2 Kit is a complete kit that increases the HP output from your 2.7 Liter and 3.2 Liter Porsche Boxster (2000-2004) by as much as 32 HP* and an additional 20 lb-ft* of torque.

The  Kit includes:

• New technoTorque3 intake plenum

• New Bosch Throttle Body (76 mm)

• All the necessary hoses, adaptors and   hardware to install

• Easy to follow Installation Instructions

To make more power you need to pass more air through the engine.  Replacing the restrictive 64mm throttle body with a much larger diameter (74mm) version and adding the super-efficient technoTorque3 intake plenum which allows much better and faster airflow into the plenums.  The ECU learns these changes and allows the computer to add more gas as more air is pumped into the cylinders, maintaining the correct air-to-gas mixture, and thus producing much more power and fuel efficiency.

The difference between a 64 mm throttle body and a 76 mm one (in area) is 41%.

Add that to the efficiency gained by the technoTorque3 air splitter and new, larger intake tube and you've got a serious increase in power and torque on your 2.7 or 3.2 Liter Boxster.

You will not find a better package for the 2.7 & 3.2 Liter Boxsters!





We have just redesigned the technoSplitter part of the TechnoTorque units to be more efficient by adding dimples and pressure-equalizing perforations.

These dimples reduce the laminar drag on airflow allowing more air to move faster into the plenums.

All new shipments will include the more efficient inserts!

* For max HP gains we recommend use of equal length headers and professional ECU tuning

   We highly recommend also installing the technoPulley which will get you 5 HP