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Complete Kit increases HP & Torque for ’97-’99 Boxster’s flat-6 engine.

The technoPower Kit is a complete kit that increases the HP output from your 2.5L Porsche Boxster (1997-1999) by as much as 25 HP* and an additional 15 lb-ft* of torque.

The technoPower Kit includes:

• New technoTorque intake plenum

• Bored Throttle Body (74 mm)

• New (higher psi) fuel pressure regulator

• All the necessary hardware to install

• Easy to follow Installation Instructions

To make more power you need to pass more air through the engine.  Replacing the restrictive 64mm throttle body with a much larger diameter (74mm) version and adding the super-efficient technoTorque intake plenum allows that to happen. The New high psi fuel pressure regulator adjusts fuel pressure to the optimum for a perfect air-to-gas ratio.

The difference between a 65 mm throttle body and a 74 mm version is an increase (in area) of 29%.

Add that to the efficiency gained by the technoTorque air splitter, higher fuel pressure and you've got a serious increase in power and torque on your 2.5L engine.

You will not find a better package for the low displacement 986 Boxsters!

(*) with throttle body core return

We have just redesigned the technoSplitter part of the TechnoTorque units to be more efficient by adding dimples and pressure-equalizing perforations.

These dimples reduce the laminar drag on airflow allowing more air to move faster into the plenums.

All new shipments will include the more efficient inserts!





* For max HP gains we recommend use of equal length headers and professional ECU tuning

   We highly recommend also installing the technoPulley which will get you 5 HP