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The tried-and-true technoBrace is also available for the 981 and 718! 

This is by far one of the best mods you can do to improve your track times at DEs and AXs and your spirited drives!

The technoBrace2 ties the lower rear suspension struts which from the factory move considerably and alter the rear camber setting at the least wanted time.

Porsche now offers a similar brace for the Cayman GT4 Club Sport and GT4RS racecars so they clearly saw the need.  Our technoBrace2 is stronger, lighter and less expensive than the factory brace.

Installing the technoBrace2 will not alter whatsoever your everyday driving, but you will notice more precise cornering with no rear axle hopping during very aggressive driving.

The technoBrace 2 is legal for PCA Club Racing


Boxster and Cayman 981

Boxster and Cayman 718

Base, S, GTS, Spyder, GT4

Manual or PDK

Kit includes:

• 22 mm (7/8") Ø solid hex bar

   (aluminum alloy 6061)

• Two (2) hex bolts

   Automotive  grade 10.9 M10x1.5x50