4. Porsche is also rumored to be switching to a new construction technique together with a new engineering and manufacturing platform which will use aerospace bonding, riveting and welding to enable the new structures to shed even more weight.  Just as the new Lamborghini Huracán

uses a carbon fibre rear bulkhead and center tunnel

with an aluminum structure, Porsche’s new

engineering platform is expected to be

upgraded with aluminum and composite

structural elements for the 988.

It is rumored that Porsche will move its

entire line of vehicles to the new architecture

by 2019.

The new architecture is also said to be flexible enough to cater to both mid- and rear-engined layouts, coupe, cabriolet and Targa body styles and rear- and all-wheel drive configurations.

The recent engine failures that stopped production and delivery of the 3.8 liter 2014 GT3 are seen by some as proof that the flat-6 has seen the end of it’s natural development in terms of increasing its displacement and power output.

Porsche had said some years ago in an interview by a popular car magazine that  in theory, the limit of the flat-6 engine was around 4.2 liters because the weight of some of the internal components becomes too heavy to maintain an ideal balance as it gets close to that displacement.

It is now widely believed that Porsche will expand its engine architecture in the sport cars as follows:

•Turbocharged flat-4 engines for its entry-level 718, Boxster and Cayman lines.

  Expect a 1.6L or 1.8L, a 2.0L and a 2.5L all with four-cylinder turbo boxers.

•Normally aspirated and turbocharged flat-6s for its 911 flagship, the Carrera.

• Multi-turbocharged Flat-8 (4.0L) in the 988. MSRP: $250,000 - $300,000.

•Flat-8 plus electric motors in the 918 hybrid supercar platform.

... the latest from the Porsche grapevine?

It’s very juicy gossip, which I truly hope is all true!

There are four distinct rumors spreading like fire these days.

1.- Porsche’s baby-Boxster, the 718

2.- Porsche’s Ferrari-Killer, the 988

3.- Porsche’s baby-Panamera, the Pajun

4.- Porsche’s new platform

1. The baby-Boxster rumor has been on and off for over 10 years, but lately it has taken off again and seems to have more substance this time around.

It is rumored that the smaller-than-a-Boxster, new entry-level Porsche will be a 2016 model year known as the 718.

It will have Porsche’s

first production 4-cylinder

boxer engine since the

912 from the late 1960s. 

Just last month, Porsche

came back to the LeMans 24

hour race with a 4-cylinder hybrid-Prototype known as the 919 to compete in the big class.  It almost won!  It was in first place at hour 22 when it encountered drivetrain problems and ended up finishing 4th. 

The unofficial reports say that the 718 will be offered as a 2.0 liter turbo base-model making 280 HP and as a 2.5 liter “S” model making 355 HP.

What’s almost as exciting as the tremendous power is the fact that the 718 is expected to weigh less than 2,600 lbs. making it a great platform with very high power-to-weight ratio.  It’s rumored that it will have a manual soft top and few frills to help in keeping the weight down.  Finally, it is expected to sell for around $40,000 just as the original Boxster from 1997 which had an initial MSRP in the USA of $39,900.

By the way, the 718 designation is in

remembrance of the original Porsche

718. A four cylinder,  open-cockpit race

car built by Porsche between 1957 and

1962. The  718 had multiple variations 

during those years: The RS60 at 1.6L,

which won Sebring in 1960, the RS61, the WRS first with a 2.0L flat-4, then with a flat-8 formula one engine, the 718 GTR Coupé with the flat-4 and then with the flat-8, a single-seater Formula Two (1.5L) version and a 1.5L Formula One entry raced by Dan Gurney.

A very versatile platform indeed.  Let’s hope that the modern 718 comes to be!

Published in the September 2014 issue of “Die Porsche Kassette”

Porsche 718 WRS Spyder

2. A few months after Ferdinand Piëch became Chairman of the Supervisory Board of VW Group, it was rumored that he stated in a BOD meeting that he wanted a Ferrari-killer from Porsche.

Herr Piëch, one of Ferdinand Porsche’s grandsons, also headed Porsche’s Motorsports Division in the 1970s, when the 906 and then the 917 were developed and when Porsche’s total dominance of motor sports was established.  He was then moved to Audi, where he was responsible for the development of the Quattro platform and Audi’s all-out dominance of the World Rally Championships for many years.

From Audi, Herr Piëch went on to head Volkswagen as CEO, where he oversaw the purchase of Lamborghini and Bentley and founded Bugatti Automobiles. 

All of these brands he put under the VW umbrella together with the already established: Skoda, SEAT, Audi and obviously, Volkswagen.  Several years ago, under his leadership, Porsche became part of the VW group as well.

Now it may be a reality, the Ferrari-killer from Porsche.  It is thought that the prototype, known as the 960 or the 988 (no name as of yet)  is being tested with a 4.0 liter flat 8 with one turbo for every two cylinders (4 turbos) to push the power output close to 600bhp – more than the 562bhp of today’s Ferrari 458 Italia.

There’s no official news on the final shape

of the 988, although it is rumored that

it will have strong cues from the 918


The 988 should go on sale in 2017.

as well.  Enter the rumored-to-be-released-in-2018, Porsche Pajun.

The name is a contraction from Panamera Junior and is intended to compete with the MB E-Class, Audi A6 and BMW 5-Series among others.

It has been described as a five-door-coupe which should be powered by the same V6 engine found in the base Cayenne and Panamera models.

Expect to see a hybrid and diesel version as well.

The Illustration is an official Porsche rendering of the Panamera Sport Turismo which is believed to be the concept for the Pajun.

It’s original launch date had been set for 2016, but Porsche’s other priorities has delayed this project a couple of more years.

3. Not only is Porsche going after some of Ferrari’s market with the 988, but it also wants a piece of Mercedes Benz and BMW’s

I can’t wait for the next few years to see if any or all of these rumors come to life, but if you keep spreading them they may happen. Porsche listens to you!

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