Published in the June 2018 issue of “Die Porsche Kassette”

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Happy Porsche'ing,

I’ve been almost as mesmerized by Porsche’s print ads and commercials throughout the years as I’ve been by the cars themselves.

Having been involved in advertising in my first career, I tend to analyze all ads, but more so, those from products and services which I use, such as Porsche.

I truly admire the simplicity of the messages, which in turn make the ads very powerful.

Throughout the years and the many different advertising campaigns and advertising agencies, Porsche has been very consistent.

Let’s take a look at a few print ads from yesteryear:


This message is so true.

Most likely many of us had a poster of a shinny red Porsche and when we showed it off to our friends we’d say: “One day I’ll have one just like that one”.

“Le Mans”

Porsche was (and is) extremely proud of its racing history and its record-setting wins at LeMans.

“Nobody’s perfect”

If Porsche would have taken all ten places it wouldn’t be as powerful as this one.

“Kills bugs”

What more can you say about this ad which slightly modified the punch line of a very popular commercial from Raid: “Kills bugs dead!”

“For your listening pleasure”

Again, simple message but very true statement.  I catch myself doing it with my Boxster every change I get.

“World Peace”

And finally, one of my all-time favorites.  It’s absurd, but probably very, very true, and that’s why it works.

If you could choose between world peace and a Porsche 911,

what color would you want your Porsche to be?