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On October 30, 2008 a baby was born in Yardley, Pennsylvania that would rock the Karting World!

His life's passion came to light when he was about 3 years old and watched the animated movie “Cars” for the first time.  Actually, he recently told me that he would watch it over and over and over again; sometimes two or three times per day!  

That led him to develop his passion for NASCAR and anything to do with racing.

His parents, who at the time were not race fans (- they sure are now -), bought him a kart and since then, all he's wanted to do is race!

At age five (5) he started racing Quarter Midgets in his native Pennsylvania, and for the next six (6) years he demonstrated his great talent by earning local, regional and national wins.

At age eleven (11) he and his parents moved to Bradenton, Florida so that he could be close to a track (Andersen RacePark) where he made the switch from asphalt oval (Quarter Midgets) to road course racing (Karts) and that's where he's been honing his skills for the past 5 years.  He says that he likes it here in Florida;  “It's a whole other world!” although he misses his friends back in Pennsylvania, but remarked that he is lucky to be able to visit with them regularly.

He also has been the youngest Kart 4 Kids Ambassador, helping spread the word and awareness of K4K at his school during the week and on the track on the weekends.

Because of his racing schedule, school is now online; that way he can keep up with schoolwork wherever he is.

Aside from his dedication to karting and racing, Chase loves to be involved and give back to his community.  He believes in the power of giving back through community work and has been an avid supporter of Kart 4 Kids . He is celebrating 8 years as a K4K Ambassador, and in 2024 he will also be one of the Kart 4 Kids Team Pro Drivers!

His dreams for the near future feature both on and off the track dreams.

He would like to develop into one of the world's best pro kart drivers and also wants to learn “big cars” by entering a driver development program.

But most of all Chase wants to “just race”.

At the same time, he wants to extend his involvement with Kart 4 Kids while continuing to be a National Honor Society and Honor Roll student.

He told me that he's a big Philadelphia Eagles fan, that he loves to play Madden and Sim (Simulator) Racing and that his favorite driver is NASCAR's Kyle Larson.

His goal, towards which he is laser-focused on, is to be a NASCAR racecar driver and eventually a NASCAR Champion.

To attain that goal Chase believes that the best path for him is getting into Legend Cars or Late Model Stock Car Series as a stepping stone to the big forum: The NASCAR Cup Series.

I have no doubt that in the near future we will all watch Chase attain his goal.

Chase Buscaglia

That baby, now a young man, and a World Champion at that, is Chase Buscaglia.  Last September, in Valencia, Spain, Chase took the 2023 T4 Nations Cup, by securing a victory in the Junior Class!

We are very lucky to have such young talent representing Kart 4 Kids as one of our esteemed Ambassadors.

Thank you for all you do for K4K and for your community, Chase.

We all wish you Godspeed in all your endeavors.